Amroad Warranty Policies

Every Amroad device is sold with a warranty.

All Amroad products are covered with a 24 months warranty except for the Amroad IX-Series, Amroad POES6530 and Amroad IP101 which is covered by a 12 months warranty.

Please note that original purchasers located within the territory of Taiwan R.O.C. are subject to different policies.

If you are an Amroad Authorized Reseller, please contact Amroad for more information about the warranty policy you are subject to.


I’m an installer and I have a device that doesn’t work. What should I do?

Please read the return procedure description and fill the RMA form to return your product.

I have an Amroad device in my house but I feel it doesn’t work properly. What can I do?

If you are an owner of an Amroad device, that you did’t purchase directly from Amroad, please get in touch with your reseller or installer to verify the warranty status.